St. Michael’s Church Stone Building Set

1000 Anker Stone Building Sets to Mark the 1000th Anniversary

An idea is born. Anker, a company in Rudolstadt, Germany, was immediately impressed by the St. Michael’s Church building block set developed in a students’ project at the HAWK, University of Applied Sciences and Art in Hildesheim. Now, beginning with the production of the St. Michael’s Church stone building set, Anker is launching a completely new product line for the popular stone building sets called “Tour”. What’s new about it is that in the St. Michael’s Church building set, the church can be set up in its basic structure using only 74 stones.

Thus, the building set is a tribute to the early Romanesque church, to the UNESCO world heritage site and to its 1000th anniversary. Friends of the Anker stones and those who want to join the club can look forward to “their St. Michael’s Church” and to more stone building sets of historically interesting buildings in the future. Anker stone building sets are something special and certain to entertain young as well as older builders – just anyone who enjoys building.
You are certain to be delighted when you find exactly the geometrically perfect stone you need to build the basilica in its original shape.

The "Basilica St. Michaelis zu Hildesheim" stone building set will be produced in a limited edition of just 1000 sets and can be purchased for EUR 49.90 plus shipping and handling. You can order it online here or buy it directly at the book shop in St. Michael’s Church and in the Hildesheim tourist information office.

Isometrie Michaelis

1000 Anker Stone Building Sets to Mark the 1000th Anniversary