The Anker Stone Blocks

FarbpigmenteThe Anker Stones

Anker Stones have been manufactured by hand using a traditional recipe for more than 125 years. 100% natural materials, consisting of chalk, quartz sand, color pigments and linseed oil satisfy even the highest ecological standards. The high-quality, educational Anker Stone Building Sets are full of surprises and sure to delight young as well as oldmaster builders - there are no limits to the creativity and imagination these stones can inspire. Anker Stones are long-lasting companions that get an even more beautifully unique patina as time goes by. Anker – It’s the stone that makes all the difference.

From Wood to Stone

Inspired by the wooden blocks of kindergarten founder Friedrich Froebel, the Lilienthal brothers developed a unique formula to manufacture mineral building blocks consisting of a mixture based on quartz sand, chalk and linseed oil. In their search for an authentic construction experience, the aviation pioneers found an alternative to the unstable wooden blocks. Thanks to great precision in manufacturing, the weight of the stones and their structure, even large model buildings can be constructed without requiring the use of any adhesive agents.

The Concept of Playing

The long history of the Anker Stone goes back to the German educator Friedrich Froebel. The creator of educational games and kindergarten founder laid the foundation for modern education on the basis of liberal thinking and the creativity of human beings. He wanted children to be able to discover the world through play and playing. Thus, these types of toys served to encourage manual dexterity, imagination and creativity throughout a child’s development.